December 26, 2011

इस जहाँ से आगे, इक जहाँ और भी है...

इस जहाँ से आगे, इक जहाँ और भी है,
दिल मानता है, इक अस्मां और भी है..

There's enough in the world for everyone's needs...

December 25, 2011

I was a man recounting stories, living out "as ifs"....

I was a man
recounting stories
living out 'as ifs'
exploring, experimenting with...

the possibilities within
the options without...

Travelling through
the labyrinths of my own creation,
...somewhere on the way,
I stumbled across
this Truth within:

I do not find myself
in the stories I recount,
the options I create
the possibilities I perceive...

discovering myself
is an unending pilgrimage
of becoming aware
of the processes..
...which create my illusions,
my make-believe identities
- and my random stories...

-May 6th, '87

मेरी मिट्टी चुरा के ले गयी ये एक नदी...

मेरी मिट्टी चुरा के ले गयी ये एक नदी
आसमां चुप रहा, कगार ढलती गयी...

December 9, 2011

बादल से फूलों तक, टहनी के झूलों तक...

बादल से फूलों तक, टहनी के झूलों तक,
ठहर गयीं दो पल को, ढूंढती धरातल को,
भीगी कुछ पंखुड़ियाँ, सपनों की कुछ लड़ियाँ,
कुछ पल लहरायेंगी, कल तक गिर जायेंगी,
कुछ आधी, कुछ पूरी... पानी की बूँदें...

ढाबे की चाय...

December 5, 2011

कारवां गुज़र गया... गुबार देखते रहे...

पात-पात झर गयी, कि शाख-शाख जल गयी,
चाह तो निकल सकी ना!.. पर उमर निकल गयी...

September 18, 2011

कभी तूफां किनारा था, कभी साहिल ही तूफां था...

कभी तूफां किनारा था, कभी साहिल ही तूफां था,
किनारों औ' भंवर के बीच में हम ढूंढते सन्दर्भ अपना ..अर्थ अपना
जो कहीं पर खो गया था,
पनपता था सार्थ से
मासूम सा वो एक सपना...

June 1, 2011

..blessed are those, who travel by flights...

...and those on the ground, keep counting their "blessings"...

glimpse of a secular country..

I had taken this photograph right outside the gate of the Maha Bodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya....

May 27, 2011

कुछ आधी, कुछ पूरी... पानी की बूँदें...

टहनी पर लटकी सी,जीवन में भटकी सी,
बादल के आँचल से, गिरते से ठहर गयीं,
भूली कुछ यादों सी, छुपी हुई बातों सी,
टूटी आशाओं सी, जीवन की राहों सी,
कुछ आधी, कुछ पूरी... पानी की बूँदें...

अनलिखी कहानी सी, बचपन की नानी सी,
जीवन की झुरियों में खोयी जवानी सी,
ढूँढती धरातल को, एक नए आंचल को,
सहमी-सी, डरती-सी, मेरे जीवन जैसी..
कुछ आधी, कुछ पूरी... पानी की बूँदें...

धुंधली उन यादों सी, भूल गई बातों सी,
मुस्कुराते चहरे पर, थके हुए होठों सी,
हिचकते मुखोटों में, ढूंढ रही अपने को,
भटकी कुछ आशाएं... टूटी परिभाषाएं..
कुछ आधी, कुछ पूरी... पानी की बूँदें...

- May 27, 2011 (Jamshedpur)

Cyclonomics of Coal Transportation

These are some images of the foot-soldiers of what is described as the "coal mafia" - very common on the Ramgarh-Hazaribagh-Ranchi highway. What they do is "illegal" (though I am not sure if they are aware of this), but this journey of some 50-100kms over the ghati serves a critical purpose in their lives.

As this study on Coal distribution network through bicycles in eastern India notes:

"From a financial point of view, a local, better-off villager finds the investment (~US$400) to cut the entrance-way down to the level of the coal seam. Then, contractors from the village cut the coal and carry it out to the surface. The bojharis buy coal from the cutter (who gets about ~US$3 per day) and then sells it to the cycle wallahs for about US$1 per 150–200 kg (a cycle load). They, in turn, retail their load for about ~US$3. The mine 'financier' receives about US$3 per day, which is a reasonably good return on his investment. The extra money that a family may get from 'coal' is about the same that they get from traditional agriculture but provides a critical extra amount of money that might, for example, enable them to send their children to school."

the enlightened one...

I met him near Mahabodhi Temple in BodhGaya last week. He asked for alms, but was more happy to get his photo clicked, smiled with joy to see himself on the display screen, said goodbye, and walked away...

May 5, 2011

.. the way we were!

... just a remembrance of an hectic day, 33-yrs back - life has moved on since then - with losses and gains - and yup! that's how it happens... - I suppose!

...defiant! - in a geometrical world

...गंध दें हवाओं को, रंग दें दिशाओं को,
जीवन के शब्दों को जीने का अर्थ दें...
बाँहों के बंधन में आसमां समेट लें....
- दीप्ती खंडेलवाल

April 30, 2011

..the comfort room!!

This was an interesting "place" somewhere on the outskirts of Manila - the venture was into organic and herbal products - but never anticipated that my query for the "washroom" will lead me to this space...


the ancient & the innocent...