October 18, 2012

प्रिय! सांध्य गगन मेरा जीवन...

यह क्षितिज बना धुंधला विराग,
नव अरुण, अरुण मेरा सुहाग,
छाया सी काया वीतराग,
सुधिभीने स्वप्न रंगीले घन!
प्रिय! सांध्य गगन मेरा जीवन - (महादेवी वर्मा)


September 3, 2012


रस्ते अलग-अलग हैं
मगर मंजिल तो एक है...

May 27, 2012


a gauntlet!... scribbled in a notebook back in mid 70s

May 10, 2012

...the 300-th post

My 300th post on this photoblog, which started in 2005... the camera became a device which taught me to how to "see" the world around me...
So this post had to be special!!!
... and it makes sense to share these two pics here... The Pied Piper, which was the first post here...
And when the Pied Piper was just 4-days old :)