November 11, 2006

Sketches & Paintings..

These are some of the other sketches & paintings, I had done.... long time back!... during '70s and '80s
(hopefully, one of these days, I will have time and energy to return to this part of my life as well... )

Yin & Yang

The Wanderer

The Shadow

The Link

The End







Anonymous said...

I discover you step by step,more and more amazed - HEAVENLY HUSBAND, MY LORD ...
and I MISS YOU...

Krishna said...

Thoug I am in no position to comment on paintings or as a matter of fact any art...but, could't resist for this time...All the paintings and pictures are very nice, especially the first one (Both hands creating each other) is super ..Truly Amazing, Sir.

Also, I must Thank you for all the other postings and blogs ..I really had a nice time exploring all that..

Thanks again with my all my humble compliments and best wishes to you..


Gunjan said...

These are amazing!! I love some of your photographs...